Photographed members of Zaragoza Boxing Gym in Bushwick Brooklyn, NY as personal project and trade for training. 
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         was a consumer internet start-up, lead by  former CEO of Friendster (pioneer website of social networking) and former CCO of Napster 2.0 (an online music subscription service). Uber was a free  do-it-yourself publishing platform   where users could make their own websites, network, get statistics, create slideshows and share user generated, as well as published content. Uber’s verticals focused on photography, music, style and social media. Direction and leadership included creating and leveraging 'Uber-influencers' to create compelling content and programs for brands and events.     Creative Director -     
  Design/Art Direction   Commissioned to create 5 wall pieces as part of group show and decor for offices at one of LA's commercial edit houses. 
Manifest Equality: Color Bars
  When I See You, I See You _Portraits